Near and Far - Fine Monochrome Print Group

Friday 3rd February at Redcliffe Art Gallery saw a packed house for the opening of the "Near and Far" exhibition by the Fine Monochrome Print Group. Photographers featured include names well known to Peninsula Camera Club – Ian Hanger, Fred Hunt, Elizabeth Kodela, Mick Lord, Peter Marendy, Julian Pearce, Dmytro Poplavskiy, Marion Rodgers, Richard Stringer, Murray Thompson and Warren Vievers. You might have noticed our Patron, Dr Peter Marendy in that list.

Stunning prints and techniques on display. Well worth a visit, if you couldn't make the opening. You won't see Bob Britcher experimenting with a new technique of his own, Tablet photography, but Iceland, Warren Vievers' Orton technique, Marion Rodgers' infrared and Mordan Cage are among many stand-out exhibits.